Remote View It staff sincerely appreciate your interest in our services and we respect your privacy in every project.

Remote Viewer session rates are $250 / hour
Most RV projects takes a minimum of 2 hours + written project summary summary
Audio files of full sessions can be added for additional $75 (strongly suggested)

Most single questions can be explored in one session (additional hourly rates will apply if further insight is required) however special projects and summaries may take longer. Email us for additional details or questions.

15 minute phone consultations are absolutely free.   Given the unique nature of each project and Remote Viewing exploration, after your phone consultation we will set your fee, email your contract and arrange payment.  For each personalized project you will receive a written / e-mailed project summary and final phone consultation to clarify any additional questions.

Personalized Sessions

Single Remote Viewing Questions – $400
Medical Remote Viewing Sessions – $400
Optimum Short/Long-term investments – $400
Optimum Job Trajectory – $500