U.S. Department of Defense definition: Remote viewing (RV) is a trainable mental faculty, used for data collection, allowing a “viewer” to describe or give accurate details about a target that is inaccessible to normal senses due to distance, time, or shielding.

Thank you for visiting Remote View It consulting services.  Our team of advanced remote viewers can help law enforcement, technology patent exploration, relationship management, locating missing persons or objects, historical event re-creation and much more.  Remote viewing is a protocol established by joint cooperation of natural psychic Ingo Swann, scientists at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and different military branches. De-classified in 1995 by the United States after being used efficiently for over 20 years.

Our Investigations

We can provide information on any subject, place, event or person.  Each project is unique and we will work with you to define the parameters of your expectations before beginning new projects.

Our first 15-30 minute consultation is free and it will help to set your expectations and explain RV limitations.  For example, Remote Viewers can not identify alphanumeric codes, specific number sequences or proper names.  Each Remote Viewer will be 100% blind to the cuing and nature of every project and their feedback only comes at the conclusion of their work and your full written Project Report Summary.  Please visit our services page for additional information and pricing.

Often the Remote Viewing data we provide contains technical details not understood by our team, but our customers will know exactly what it means.

The Work

Remote View It services uses these techniques + proprietary advanced RV stages and the data collected has been used by businesses, law enforcement and individuals to gain actionable  information and solve problems.  Depending on the scope of your inquiry 1 or more remote viewers will be used and working independently each will spend 2 hours in data collection mode.  Viewers will have no advance knowledge of your target and are working blind ensuring their personal bias is removed.  All data points will be compiled and corroborated for accuracy and a verbal report + written project report will be provided.

When used properly applied by our trained team Remote View It is the ultimate information gathering tool for businesses, individuals and you.